Rear Admiral HyperDrive System [2010]

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Rear Admiral HyperDrive System [2010]

Inläggav d0c » 12 november 2010, 17:51


Rear Admiral C128 / C128-D MMU Adaptor (Daughterboard)

The Ultimate Hard Disc Solution for the Commodore 64 and 128 Personal Computers

It's a complete SCSI System Host Adaptor & Hard Drive with an incredibly powerful operating system. It's also the only product for 64/128 computers that provides simultaneous multiplexing of all data on the hard drive between multiple computers. The DOS provides so many features and operates in less time that in takes to blink your eyes. It also supports "real" Relative (and all other) format files and can run nearly anything in the very same way that any "real" CBM drive would. There is no need for emulation or fudging of code to make programs work. Performance-wise, it's about 20-120 times faster than any other 64/128 products ever devised. Additionally, with the advanced implementations of the DOS, it actually changes the computer into a near-Irix machine (but still speaking in CBM language) and without eating up resources in the computer. With the S.M.A.R.T. button, 64 programs can be instantly captured to the drive and loaded in less than 0.35 seconds, no matter what program it is. These captured archives are then immediately accessible throughout the "network" (if multiplexed) and can also be shared with Zip images since the system will allow Zip drive archiving. On a 128, it operates so quickly that there is no need for additional hardware hanging all over the computer.

This System is 100% Compliant with the Xetec Lt. Kernal
Hard Drive System and Surpasses the original design specifications.
Completely Redesigned Host Adaptor, Internal Logic, and DOS
are More Powerful, Feature Packed, and Easy to Use

link.. ... 951wt_1092


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