Intro till nya C64 kopplingar 2018

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Intro till nya C64 kopplingar 2018

Inläggav rupy » 2 oktober 2018, 00:20

Kopierat fran ett inlagg jag gjorde pa Reddit:

Manual for moderna tillagg efter kop av en C64 utan ngt annat fran ebay:

#PSU: ... ore-64-64c

9V AC:

You need a 5.5x2.1mm adapter at minimum 1A (mine is 800mA and it works ok, a little hot).
You can use some NES adapters for this (9V 1.3A) but it has the wrong plug so you need to expand the split pin inside the female connector. Or buy an 2.5->2.1mm adapter.

5V DC (+ polarity inside):

If you don't have a 4.0x1.7mm adapter they sell you one 2A for 10EUR.
You can use a PSP adapter for this (2A).
I would recommend >2A if you are going to have alot of stuff connected to the C64 as it all draws 5V!
I use 4A adapter with a 5.5x2.1/2.5mm to 4.0x1.7mm plug converter. (Edit: plug converter is dangerous: I almost fried the 64 the other day when I mixed up AC and DC, if you use one tape color coding on the plugs!!!)

Shipping is slowish (2-3 weeks inside EU).

The benefit of this cable is that it is cheap and modular so you can fix and upgrade stuff as needed.


Edit: Just putting two programs here that are good to know when you first get the power and s-video cable (make sure you get one with composite too, so you can use scart eventually) going to make sure the SID and joysticks ports are ok without having to load a game:

Kod: Markera allt
10 poke 54272+rnd(1)*25,rnd(1)*256

20 goto 10


Kod: Markera allt
10 print peek(56321)

20 goto 10



The best screen cable has both s-video and composite so you can use scart too, and SID noise fix integrated: ... 0925966106

If you need to save money you can get the composite (use separate scart adapter) only one: ... 0811214485



About SD2IEC they are dodgy and the sellers even more so (mine works ok, but some large games crashes it): If you have a RPi 3 I would seriously look at this option instead: ... soldering/

The only reason you'll need SD2IEC is to flash your Retro or Nordic Replay (maybe play multidisc if you have patience for that sort of thing), because loading .prg from your PC with codenet is much better (10x faster and more convenient, just pipe it from browser download directly to C64 in 5 seconds).


#Internet or Ultimate: (the reason you'll want one of these is there is a bug in the Commodore serial that makes it 10x slower than it should be)

About cartridges the Ultimate is good if you are not going for RR-Net, RR-Net MK3 needs Nordic Replay or similar to be used with old breadbins (pre 250425, actually seems only 64C works standalone!). To flash the codenet enabled firmware to a RR compatible cartridge use this software:

And use DirMaster to make a disk image containing both the ROM and the Flash Utility. There is a confusing part, the bank names: so you need to bridge the bank hardware switch to be able to flash, but then you can actually flash any bank. And the bank names are confusing. Bank 1 is the one used when the hardware switch is unbridged (default PAL RR for Nordic) and Bank 2 is the bridged bank (default NTSC RR for Nordic).
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