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Commodore VIC-20 ROM Addresses

; Commodore VIC-20 ROM Memory Map
; V1.0 1 Sep 1994
; Data types in headers (for reassembler):
; DATA  Misc data
; TEXT  String terminated with 00
; WORD  Vectors in LO/HI byte pairs
; CHIP  I/O Area
; EMPTY  ROM containing FF's or AA's
; BASIC v2.0 interpreter ROM ($B000 - $DFFF)
; This is almost identical to the C64 one.
c000 - Basic Restart Vectors   WORD
c004 - 'cbmbasic'    DATA
c00c stmdsp BASIC Command Vectors   WORD
c052 fundsp BASIC Function Vectors   WORD
c080 optab BASIC Operator Vectors   WORD
c09e reslst BASIC Command Keyword Table  DATA
c129 msclst BASIC Misc. Keyword Table  DATA
c140 oplist BASIC Operator Keyword Table  DATA
c14d funlst BASIC Function Keyword Table  DATA
c19e errtab Error Message Table   DATA
c328 errptr Error Message Pointers   WORD
c364 okk Misc. Messages    DATA
;c364  'ok'    TEXT
;c369  'error'     DATA
c389 - Unused byte    DATA
c38a fndfor Find FOR/GOSUB Entry on Stack
c3b8 bltu Open Space in Memory
c3fb getstk Check Stack Depth
c408 reason Check Memory Overlap
c435 omerr Output ?OUT OF MEMORY Error
c437 error Error Routine
c469 errfin Break Entry
c474 ready Restart BASIC
c480 main Input & Identify BASIC Line
c49c main1 Get Line Number & Tokenise Text
c4a2 inslin Insert BASIC Text
c533 linkprg Rechain Lines
c560 inlin Input Line Into Buffer
c579 crunch Tokenise Input Buffer
c613 fndlin Search for Line Number
c642 scrtch Perform [new]
c65e clear Perform [clr]
c68e stxpt Reset TXTPTR
c69c list Perform [list]
c717 qplop Handle LIST Character
c742 for Perform [for]
c7ae newstt BASIC Warm Start
c7c4 ckeol Check End of Program
c7e1 gone Prepare to execute statement
c7ed gone3 Perform BASIC Keyword
c81d restor Perform [restore]
c82c stop Perform [stop], [end], break
c857 cont Perform [cont]
c871 run Perform [run]
c883 gosub Perform [gosub]
c8a0 goto Perform [goto]
c8d2 return Perform [return]
c8f8 data Perform [data]
c906 datan Search for Next Statement / Line
c928 if Perform [if]
c93b rem Perform [rem]
c94b ongoto Perform [on]
c96b linget Fetch linnum From BASIC
c9a5 let Perform [let]
c9c4 putint Assign Integer
c9d6 ptflpt Assign Floating Point
c9d9 putstr Assign String
c9e3 puttim Assign TI$
ca2c getspt Add Digit to FAC#1
ca80 printn Perform [print]#
ca86 cmd Perform [cmd]
ca9a strdon Print String From Memory
caa0 print Perform [print]
cab8 varop Output Variable
cad7 crdo Output CR/LF
cae8 comprt Handle comma, TAB(, SPC(
cb1e strout Output String
cb3b outspc Output Format Character
cb4d doagin Handle Bad Data
cb7b get Perform [get]
cba5 inputn Perform [input#]
cbbf input Perform [input]
cbea bufful Read Input Buffer
cbf9 qinlin Do Input Prompt
cc06 read Perform [read]
cc35 rdget General Purpose Read Routine
ccfc exint Input Error Messages   DATA
;ccfc '?extra ignored'
;cd0c '?redo from start'
cd1e next Perform [next]
cd61 donext Check Valid Loop
cd8a frmnum Confirm Result
cd9e frmevl Evaluate Expression in Text
ce83 eval Evaluate Single Term
cea8 pival Constant - pi    DATA
cead qdot Continue Expression
cef1 parchk Expression in Brackets
cef7 chkcls Confirm Character
cef7 - -test ')'-
cefa - -test '('-
cefd - -test comma-
cf08 synerr Output ?SYNTAX Error
cf0d domin Set up NOT Function
cf14 rsvvar Identify Reserved Variable
cf28 isvar Search for Variable
cf48 tisasc Convert TI to ASCII String
cfa7 isfun Identify Function Type
cfb1 strfun Evaluate String Function
cfd1 numfun Evaluate Numeric Function
cfe6 orop Perform [or], [and]
d016 dorel Perform <, =, >
d01b numrel Numeric Comparison
d02e strrel String Comparison
d07e dim Perform [dim]
d08b ptrget Identify Variable
d0e7 ordvar Locate Ordinary Variable
d11d notfns Create New Variable
d128 notevl Create Variable
d194 aryget Allocate Array Pointer Space
d1a5 n32768 Constant 32768 in Flpt   DATA
d1aa facinx FAC#1 to Integer in (AC/YR)
d1b2 intidx Evaluate Text for Integer
d1bf ayint FAC#1 to Positive Integer
d1d1 isary Get Array Parameters
d218 fndary Find Array
d245 bserr '?bad subscript error'
d248 - '?illegal quantity error'
d261 notfdd Create Array
d30e inlpn2 Locate Element in Array
d34c umult Number of Bytes in Subscript
d37d fre Perform [fre]
d391 givayf Convert Integer in (AC/YR) to Flpt
d39e pos Perform [pos]
d3a6 errdir Confirm Program Mode
d3e1 getfnm Check Syntax of FN
d3f4 fndoer Perform [fn]
d465 strd Perform [str$]
d487 strlit Set Up String
d4d5 putnw1 Save String Descriptor
d4f4 getspa Allocate Space for String
d526 garbag Garbage Collection
d5bd dvars Search for Next String
d606 grbpas Collect a String
d63d cat Concatenate Two Strings
d67a movins Store String in High RAM
d6a3 frestr Perform String Housekeeping
d6db frefac Clean Descriptor Stack
d6ec chrd Perform [chr$]
d700 leftd Perform [left$]
d72c rightd Perform [right$]
d737 midd Perform [mid$]
d761 pream Pull sTring Parameters
d77c len Perform [len]
d782 len1 Exit String Mode
d78b asc Perform [asc]
d79b gtbytc Evaluate Text to 1 Byte in XR
d7ad val Perform [val]
d7b5 strval Convert ASCII String to Flpt
d7eb getnum Get parameters for POKE/WAIT
d7f7 getadr Convert FAC#1 to Integer in LINNUM
d80d peek Perform [peek]
d824 poke Perform [poke]
d82d wait Perform [wait]
d849 faddh Add 0.5 to FAC#1
d850 fsub Perform Subtraction
d862 fadd5 Normalise Addition
d867 fadd Perform Addition
d947 negfac 2's Complement FAC#1
d97e overr Output ?OVERFLOW Error
d983 mulshf Multiply by Zero Byte
d9bc fone Table of Flpt Constants   DATA
d9ea log Perform [log]
da28 fmult Perform Multiply
da59 mulply Multiply by a Byte
da8c conupk Load FAC#2 From Memory
dab7 muldiv Test Both Accumulators
dad4 mldvex Overflow / Underflow
dae2 mul10 Multiply FAC#1 by 10
daf9 tenc Constant 10 in Flpt   DATA
dafe div10 Divide FAC#1 by 10
db07 fdiv Divide FAC#2 by Flpt at (AC/YR)
db0f fdivt Divide FAC#2 by FAC#1
dba2 movfm Load FAC#1 From Memory
dbc7 mov2f Store FAC#1 in Memory
dbfc movfa Copy FAC#2 into FAC#1
dc0c movaf Copy FAC#1 into FAC#2
dc1b round Round FAC#1
dc2b sign Check Sign of FAC#1
dc39 sgn Perform [sgn]
dc58 abs Perform [abs]
dc5b fcomp Compare FAC#1 With Memory
dc9b qint Convert FAC#1 to Integer
dccc int Perform [int]
dcf3 fin Convert ASCII String to a Number in FAC#1
ddb3 n0999 String Conversion Constants  DATA
ddc2 inprt Output 'IN' and Line Number
dddd fout Convert FAC#1 to ASCII String
de68 foutim Convert TI to String
df11 fhalf Table of Constants   DATA
df71 sqr Perform [sqr]
df7b fpwrt Perform power ($)
dfb4 negop Negate FAC#1
dfbf logeb2 Table of Constants   DATA
dfed exp Perform [exp]
; VIC-20 Kernel ROM
;e000 (exp continues) EXP continued From BASIC ROM
e040 polyx Series Evaluation
e08a rmulc Constants for RND   DATA
e094 rnd Perform [rnd]
e0f6 bioerr Handle I/O Error in BASIC
e109 bchout Output Character
e10f bchin Input Character
e115 bckout Set Up For Output
e11b bckin Set Up For Input
e121 bgetin Get One Character
e127 sys Perform [sys]
e153 savet Perform [save]
e162 verfyt Perform [verify / load]
e1bb opent Perform [open]
e1c4 closet Perform [close]
e1d1 slpara Get Parameters For LOAD/SAVE
e1fd combyt Get Next One Byte Parameter
e203 deflt Check Default Parameters
e20b cmmerr Check For Comma
e216 ocpara Get Parameters For OPEN/CLOSE
e261 cos Perform [cos]
e268 sin Perform [sin]
e2b1 tan Perform [tan]
e2dd pi2 Table of Trig Constants   DATA
;e2dd 1.570796327 pi/2
;e2e2 6.28318531 pi*2
;e2e7 0.25
;e2ec #05 (counter)
;e2ed -14.3813907
;e2f2 42.0077971
;e2f7 -76.7041703
;e2fc 81.6052237
;e301 -41.3417021
;e306 6.28318531
e30b atn Perform [atn]
e33b atncon Table of ATN Constants   DATA
;e33b #0b (counter)
;e3ec -0.000684793912
;e341  0.00485094216
;e346 -0.161117018
;e34b  0.034209638
;e350 -0.0542791328
;e355  0.0724571965
;e35a -0.0898023954
;e35f  0.110932413
;e364 -0.142839808
;e369  0.19999912
;e36e -0.333333316
;e373  1.00
e378 init BASIC Cold Start
e387 initat CHRGET For Zero-page
e39f rndsed RND Seed For zero-page   DATA
;e39f 0.811635157
e3a4 initcz Initialize BASIC RAM
e404 initms Output Power-Up Message
e429 words Power-Up Message   DATA
;e429 ' bytes free'
;e436 '**** cbm basic v2 ****'
e44f bvtrs Table of BASIC Vectors (for 0300) WORD
e45b initv Initialize Vectors
e467 bassft BASIC Warm Restart [RUNSTOP-RESTORE]
e475 ?
e47c - Unused Bytes For Future Patches  EMPTY
e4a0 - Serial Output 1
e4a9 - Serial Output 0
e4b2 - Get Serial Data And Clock In
e4bc - Get Secondary Address patch for Serial LOAD/VERIFY
e4c1 - Relocated Load patch for Serial LOAD/VERIFY
e4cf - Tape Write patch for CLOSE
e4da - Unused     EMPTY
e500 iobase Return I/O Base Address
e505 screen Return Screen Organization
e50a plot Read / Set Cursor X/Y Position
e518 cint1 Initialize I/O
e55f - Clear Screen
e581 - Home Cursor
e587 - Set Screen Pointers
e5b5 - Set I/O Defaults (Unused Entry)
e5bb - Set I/O Defaults
e5cf lp2 Get Character From Keyboard Buffer
e5e5 - Input From Keyboard
e64f - Input From Screen or Keyboard
e6b8 - Quotes Test
e6c5 - Set Up Screen Print
e6ea - Advance Cursor
e719 - Retreat Cursor
e72d - Back on to Previous Line
e742 - Output to Screen
e756 - -unshifted characters-
e800 - -shifted characters-
e8c3 - Go to Next Line
e8d8 - Output 
e8e8 - Check Line Decrement
e8fa - Check Line Increment
e912 - Set Colour Code
e921 - Colour Code Table   DATA
e929 ?      DATA
e975 - Scroll Screen
e9ee - Open A Space On The Screen
ea56 - Move A Screen Line
ea6e - Syncronise Colour Transfer
ea7e - Set Start of Line
ea8d - Clear Screen Line
eaa1 - Print To Screen
eab2 - Syncronise Colour Pointer
eabf - Main IRQ Entry Point
eb1e scnkey Scan Keyboard
eb71 - Process Key Image
ec46 - Pointers to Keyboard decoding tables WORD
ec5e - Keyboard Decoding Table - Unshifted DATA
ec9f - Keyboard Decoding Table - Shifted DATA
ece0 - Keyboard Decoding Table - Commodore DATA
ed21 - Graphics/Text Control
ed69 - Keyboard Decoding Table   DATA
eda3 - Keyboard Decoding Table - Control DATA
ede4 - Video Chip Set Up Table   DATA
edf4 - Shift-Run Equivalent   DATA
edfd - Low Byte Screen Line Addresses  DATA
ee14 talk Send TALK Command on Serial Bus
ee17 listn Send LISTEN Command on Serial Bus
ee49 - Send Data On Serial Bus
eeb4 - Flag Errors
eeb4 Status #80 - device not present
eeb7 Status #03 - write timeout
eec0 second Send LISTEN Secondary Address
eec5 - Clear ATN
eece tksa Send TALK Secondary Address
eed3 - Wait For Clock
eee4 ciout Send Serial Deferred
eef6 untlk Send UNTALK on Serial Bus
ef04 unlsn Send UNLISTEN on Serial Bus
ef19 acptr Receive From Serial Bus
ef84 - Serial Clock On
ef8d - Serial Clock Off
ef96 - Delay 1 ms
efa3 - RS-232 Send
efee - Send New RS-232 Byte
f016 - 'No DSR' Error
f019 - 'No CTS' Error
f021 - Disable Timer
f027 - Compute Bit Count
f036 - RS-232 Receive
f05b - Set Up To Receive
f068 - Process RS-232 Byte
f0bc - Submit to RS-232
f0ed - Send to RS-232 Buffer
f116 - Input From RS-232
f14f - Get From RS-232
f160 - Serial Bus Idle
f174 - Table of Kernal I/O Messages  DATA
;f174 ' i/o error #'
; ...
;f1df 'ok'
f1e2 - Print Message if Direct
f1e6 - Print Message
f1f5 getin Get a byte
f20e chrin Input a byte
f250 - Get From Tape / Serial / RS-232
f27a chrout Output One Character
f2c7 chkin Set Input Device
f309 chkout Set Output Devic
f34a close Close File
f3cf - Find File
f3df - Set File values
f3ef clall Abort All Files
f3f3 clrchn Restore Default I/O
f40a open Open File
f495 - Send Secondary Address
f4c7 - Open RS-232
f542 load Load RAM From Device
f549 LOAD -load-
f55c - Load File From Serial Bus
f5ca - Load File From Tape
f647 - Print "SEARCHING"
f659 - Print Filename
f66a - Print "LOADING / VERIFYING"
f675 save Save RAM To Device
f685 SAVE -save-
f692 - Save to Serial Bus
f6f1 - Save to Tape
f728 - Print "SAVING"
f734 udtim Increment Real-Time Clock
f760 rdtim Read Real-Time Clock
f767 settim Set Real-Time Clock
f770 STOP Check STOP Key
;f77e - Output I/O Error Messages
f77e 'too many files'
f781 'file open'
f784 'file not open'
f787 'file not found'
f78a 'device not present'
f78d 'not input file'
f790 'not output file'
f793 'missing filename'
f796 'illegal device number'
f7af - Find Any Tape Header
f7e7 - Write Tape Header
f84d - Get Buffer Address
f854 - Set Buffer Stat / End Pointers
f867 - Find Specific Tape Header
f88a - Bump Tape Pointer
f894 - Print "PRESS PLAY ON TAPE"
f8ab - Check Tape Status
f8b7 - Print "PRESS RECORD..."
f8c0 - Initiate Tape Read
f8e3 - Initiate Tape Write
f8f4 - Common Tape Code
f94b - Check Tape Stop
f95d - Set Read Timing
f98e - Read Tape Bits
faad - Store Tape Characters
fbd2 - Reset Tape Pointer
fbdb - New Character Setup
fbea - Send Tone to Tape
fc06 - Write Data to Tape
fc95 - Write Tape Leader
fccf - Restore Normal IRQ
fcf6 - Set IRQ Vector
fd08 - Kill Tape Motor
fd11 - Check Read / Write Pointer
fd1b - Bump Read / Write Pointer
fd22 - Power-Up RESET Entry
fd3f - Check For A-ROM
fd4d - ROM Mask 'a0CBM'   DATA
fd52 restor Restore Kernal Vectors (at 0314)
fd57 vector Change Vectors For User
fd6d - Kernal Reset Vectors   WORD
fd8d ramtas Initialise System Constants
fdf1 - IRQ Vectors For Tape I/O  WORD
fdf9 ioinit Initialise I/O
fe39 - Enable Timer
fe49 setnam Set Filename
fe50 setlfs Set Logical File Parameters
fe57 readss Get I/O Status Word
fe66 setmsg Control OS Messages
fe6f settmo Set IEEE Timeout
fe73 memtop Set / Read Top of Memory
fe82 membot Set / Read Bottom of Memory
fea9  NMI Transfer Entry
fed2  Warm Start Basic [BRK]
;fed2 User Vector (default BRK)
ff56  Exit Interrupt
ff5b  RS-232 Timing Table   DATA
ff72  IRQ Transfer Entry
;ff8a Vic-20 Kernel Jump Table
ff8a jmp $fd52 restor  Restore Vectors
ff8d jmp $fd57 vector  Change Vectors For User
ff90 jmp $fe66 setmsg  Control OS Messages
ff93 jmp $eec0 secnd  Send SA After Listen
ff96 jmp $eece tksa  Send SA After Talk
ff99 jmp $fe73 memtop  Set/Read System RAM Top
ff9c jmp $fe82 membot  Set/Read System RAM Bottom
ff9f jmp $eb1e scnkey  Scan Keyboard
ffa2 jmp $fe6f settmo  Set Timeout In IEEE
ffa5 jmp $ef19 acptr  Handshake Serial Byte In
ffa8 jmp $eee4 ciout  Handshake Serial Byte Out
ffab jmp $eef6 untalk  Command Serial Bus UNTALK
ffae jmp $ef04 unlsn  Command Serial Bus UNLISTEN
ffb1 jmp $ee17 listn  Command Serial Bus LISTEN
ffb4 jmp $ee14 talk  Command Serial Bus TALK
ffb7 jmp $fe57 readss  Read I/O Status Word
ffba jmp $fe50 setlfs  Set Logical File Parameters
ffbd jmp $fe49 setnam  Set Filename
ffc0 jmp ($031a) (iopen)  Open Vector [F40A]
ffc3 jmp ($031c) (iclose) Close Vector [F34A]
ffc6 jmp ($031e) (ichkin) Set Input [F2C7]
ffc9 jmp ($0320) (ichkout) Set Output [F309]
ffcc jmp ($0322) (iclrch) Restore I/O Vector [F353]
ffcf jmp ($0324) (ichrin) Input Vector, chrin [F20E]
ffd2 jmp ($0326) (ichrout) Output Vector, chrout [F27A]
ffd5 jmp $f542 load  Load RAM From Device
ffd8 jmp $f675 save  Save RAM To Device
ffdb jmp $f767 settim  Set Real-Time Clock
ffde jmp $f760 rdtim  Read Real-Time Clock
ffe1 jmp ($0328) (istop)  Test-Stop Vector [F770]
ffe4 jmp ($032a) (igetin) Get From Keyboad [F1F5]
ffe7 jmp ($032c) (iclall) Close All Channels And Files [F3EF]
ffea jmp $f734 udtim  Increment Real-Time Clock
ffed jmp $e505 screen  Return Screen Organization
fff0 jmp $e50a plot  Read / Set Cursor X/Y Position
fff3 jmp $e500 iobase  Return I/O Base Address
;fff6 Unused Vectors
fff6 [ffff]
fff8 [ffff]
;fffa Transfer Vectors
fffa [fea9]  NMI
fffc [fd22]  RESET
fffe [ff72]  IRQ

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